2013. «Colorfull Carnaval» 

15 January - 19 february 2013. Solo exhibition «Colorful Carnaval» from Georgian artist Nugzar Kahiani

Oil paintings of Nugzar kahiani are available at New Place Art Gallery since January 2013

Nugzar Kahiani 

The papers talk about Nugzar Kahiani - a famous georgian artist and painter living and working in Latvia.

His words refreshed, colourful and cheerful in some borders and most importantly powerful. The collection of artworks presented at that new place art gallery, places women in the center of the exhibition colourful carnival. Upon sexuality and erotic in such everywhere to trace, where is the border between real and surreal seems like a logical question when looking at the paintings of the Georgia artist Nugzar Kahiani. The second question arising is whether it is necessary to make such a border noticeable to the observers’ eyes. By focussing on such universal values as laughs, charity, happiness and beauty, Nugzar Kahiani had successfully created unmistakable style recognized immediately and shares his art with onlookers all over the world. He also praised the happiness of motherhood to explain children as well as various family issues. Often a running carnival cynical is artworks remind us of the great variety of humans feelings.

The second part of January and the first part of February are dedicated to remarkable artworks of a Georgian Nugzar Kahiani. Rich colors, unforgettable faces and sexuality are to be seen during his exhibition «Carnaval»

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